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iRiver iFP-790

iRiver is a ratings king, so we're not surprised that its 256MB iFP-790 (the successor to the excellent iFP-390T) is an impressive MP3 player. With head-turning looks, a truckload of recording features, and sound quality that will please the pickiest of ears, this compact player ($149) is poised to grab the MP3 flash memory crown. However, for some users, the iFP-790's limited file-transfer options might keep it from the throne.

The good:
Excellent sound; surprisingly decent earbuds; cool silver-and-red design; plenty of voice, FM, and line-in encoding features; USB 2.0 support; plays MP3, WMA, and OGG files; long battery life; accepts files purchased from Napster and other online music stores; works with Mac or PC.

The bad:
Doesn't show up as a removable drive in Windows Explorer; drivers and software required for connection.

The bottom line:
This worthy successor to the Editors' Choice iFP-390T is quite a looker and backs up its style with world-class features and performance.

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