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JetAudio iAudio U2 (1GB, Platinum Black)

The folks at JetAudio have a bona fide hit on their hands with the tiny and sleek iAudio U2. While its flash-memory predecessor, the iAudio 4, was a little dull in the looks department, the U2 boasts stylish and elegant looks, an FM radio, line-in and built-in mic recording, and--if you can afford it--as much as 1GB of memory. While we wish the U2 had more recording options, we heartily recommend this small wonder for music lovers who want their tunes in a teeny, tiny package.

The good:
Excellent sound quality; small and light; eye-catching looks; FM, line-in, and built-in mic recording; equalizer and several sound effects; USB 2.0 support; no drivers necessary in Windows XP or Mac OS X.

The bad:
Limited recording options; average battery life; pricey.

What's it for:
Listening to MP3, WMA, OGG, ASF, and WAV files; storing data files; recording audio and FM radio.

Who's it for:
On-the-go music lovers; anyone who needs to record a concert or an FM radio broadcast.

Business use:
Recording a speech or an interview; data storage and transfer.

Essential extras:
High-quality earbuds.

The bottom line:
The stylish, flash-memory iAudio U2 crams great sound quality, an FM radio, and line-in recording into a tiny package.

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