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LG LX5550

With its plans to acquire Western Wireless, regional carrier Alltel has shown that it's serious about competing against the national big boys. That being the case, let's hope that the carrier's other handsets are more inspiring than the LG LX5550. It��s not that this is a particularly bad mobile, it��s just that, beyond the unusual design, there��s nothing especially noteworthy about it. At $60 with a two-year contract, it��s intended to serve as a basic offering for those who want nothing more than a bare-bones cell phone.

The good:
Speakerphone; solid access to voice commands; analog roaming.

The bad:
Uninspiring battery life; no Bluetooth; mediocre call quality; battery gets hot during extended conversations.

What's it for:
Making phone calls; Web surfing; text messaging.

Who's it for:
Anyone in the Alltel calling region looking for a basic, low-cost cell phone.

Essential extras:
Universal headset; car charger; extended battery; holster; dash-mount holder.

The bottom line:
For customers in Alltel's calling region, the LX5550 has little going for it beyond the basics.

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