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LG PM-325

Bluetooth in a cell phone has traditionally been reserved for shoppers who could spring for high-end handsets, but now Sprint has brought it to the mainstream with its compact, slightly funky LG PM-325 camera phone. Of course, we wish Sprint hadn't hobbled the data-transfer capabilities of Bluetooth, but with a slick sliding keyboard, an impressive screen, and great call quality, the PM-325 is an attractive, affordable option for users that want a taste, albeit a limited one, of what Bluetooth has to offer. At $229, the phone is pricey, but you should be able to find it for a discount with service.

The good:
Slick sliding design; compact; Bluetooth; great call quality; analog roaming.

The bad:
So-so battery life; no Bluetooth data sync; subpar photo quality; no speakerphone.

What's it for:
Sending messages, taking pictures, and answering calls with flair.

Who's it for:
Mainstream consumers who want a Bluetooth phone with a bit of style.

Business use:
Workaholics can use the personal organizer and Bluetooth features.

Essential extras:
Bluetooth headset; extended battery; belt-clip holster; car charger.

The bottom line:
This stylish, compact phone delivers good call quality and lets you experiment with limited Bluetooth capabilities--without breaking the bank.

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