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PalmOne Treo 650 (Cingular, GSM/GPRS)

When we made our wish list for the successor to the well-received Treo 600, it was to keep the great design but add several missing features. Fortunately, that's precisely what PalmOne did with its new Treo 650. This model offers a high-resolution display, a faster processor, Bluetooth wireless, Palm OS 5.4, and a removable battery--all notable additions. But the honeymoon ends with some shortcomings, specifically the stingy memory, the limited Bluetooth implementation, and the lack of Wi-Fi. How you feel about these issues depends on your needs, but for our money, the Treo remains the best all-in-one communicator available. Sprint PCS was the first to introduce the new Treo in October of last year, but now after three months of waiting fervently, Cingular customers have a version of their own. At $549, the price is hefty, but you should be able to find it for less with service.

The good:
Improved display and keyboard; integrated Bluetooth speakerphone; 312MHz processor; Palm OS 5.4; multimedia e-mail support; world phone.

The bad:
Meager integrated memory; no built-in Wi-Fi; low-resolution camera; headphone jack isn't standard size; can't use Bluetooth as a wireless modem.

What's it for:
Making calls and doing almost everything else.

Who's it for:
On-the-go execs, smart phone fanatics, and anyone who wants the most use out of one device.

Business use:
Corporate types will find much to like with the business-friendly Treo 650.

Essential extras:
Case; belt clip; USB cable; cradle kit; travel kit; memory cards; Wi-Fi card; Bluetooth headset; device protector; software.

The bottom line:
Though it has its shortcomings, the PalmOne Treo 650 offers solid performance and adds some key features to maintain its reign as smart phone leader.

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