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Sprint IP-A790

Quick Take: The Sprint IP-A790 for Sprint PCS is similar to the Samsung SCH-A790 for Verizon Wireless. Like the SCH-A790, the IP-A790 is a true world phone with the ability to operate on both dual-band CDMA (800/1900) and dual-band GSM (900/1800) networks. The design and other features are largely the same as well. We approve of the VGA camera and the decent color screens, but we again are disappointed by the lack of built-in e-mail access, Bluetooth, and a speakerphone--features that would complement such a business-centric mobile. Also, as with the SCH-A790, some features are not available when the mobile is in GSM mode.

Be warned, however, that global roaming comes at a cost. In order to make calls on a GSM network, you'll need to purchase a SIM card from Sprint for $36. You'll also have to pay a whopping $14.95 for shipping--for a tiny piece of plastic, no less--and you're subject to a $6 monthly service charge on top of your regular contract fees. And while you'll get coverage in 130 countries, calls are $1.50 per minute. Lastly, the Sprint handset is much more expensive than the already pricey ($350) Verizon model. You'll pay a sky-high $549, but it will cost less with a service plan.

Basic specs for Sprint IP-A790

Short Messaging Service (SMS)-- Yes
Multi-use / PDA phone-- No
Weight-- 4.2 oz
Width-- 2.0 in
Depth-- 1.0 in
3.4 in

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