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Bluetooth Headsets Reducing Possible Health Risks in Your Busy Lifestyle

Bluetooth Headsets have redefined the art of talking over the telephone. No wires, no hands, nothing at all! Just put the device on your ear and you are communicating at ease with the rest of the world. You have the flexibility to do anything while talking. Not only does this add to convenience, but you get to gain from a health perspective as well. This article tells you all about these advantages with Bluetooth Headsets.

Bluetooth Headsets-Reduce Health Risks Research has proved that holding phones close to your ear (hence head) increases health risks. There is a possibility of developing brain tumors. Electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phones affect the body's cells, brain and immune system. A wide range of diseases, from cancer to Alzheimer's, may develop due to such harmful exposures.

Various experiments in Finland, Sweden and other places have confirmed these concerns. Experiments conducted on mice have shown that harmful radiations from cell phones affect body cells and it is believed that the findings would also hold true for human beings as well. A group of scientists in Finland conducted a study and published a report in 2002 where they highlighted the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation emanating from phones on human brain tissue. A similar study conducted in Sweden showed that the people using mobiles phones had a 30% higher probability of developing brain tumors compared to persons who preferred some other mode of communication.

Considering these health risks, it is always advisable to keep the phone set away from your ear. Bluetooth Headsets can give you this unique advantage. You may also sometimes get entangled in the wires of your telephone or run the risk of having an accident while driving and holding your mobile phone. This is very risky. A Bluetooth Headset is a hands-free, wire-free device that helps you to conveniently avoid all these risks. Bluetooth Headsets-The Compatibility Factor Setting new standards in wireless connectivity, Bluetooth Headsets have very high compatibility with a wide range of telecom appliances.

You can connect different devices across diverse platforms by this. Two appliances enabled with this technology can access one another even when separated by about 30 feet. However, this varies with instruments and you must check the product specifications before buying the devices. Differences with Wi-Fi Both provide facilities of wireless networking using radio waves and are new-generation communication tools.

But, there are some basic differences. Bluetooth is a short-range (30 feet), low power connectivity system with moderately fast transmission speeds of 800 kilobits per second. Developed in 1994, Bluetooth provides wireless, point-to-point connectivity for mobile phones, PDAs, Notebooks, Printers etc.

If any two devices are Bluetooth enabled, a wireless connection can be set up between them for transfer of data. Say, if a PC and a Printer are Bluetooth enabled, you can transfer data from the computer to the printer without connecting through a cable. Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity.

Appearing in the market in late 1998, Wi-Fi provides access to Ethernet networks such as LAN, WAN or the Internet at super-fast speeds of up to 11 megabits per second. You can make connections with Wi-Fi networks even up to 300 feet. If your Notebook is Wi-Fi enabled, you can surf the Internet at broadband speed without cable connections. Bluetooth Headsets--Well Known Brands All well-known telecom manufacturers are marketing products enabled with this technology and Bluetooth Headsets are regular features with most top-end products.

The popular versions include: * Samsung E770 Phone * Motorola L7 Phone * Motorola PEBL U6 Mobile Phone * Sony Ericsson W900i Mobile Phone * Nokia 6270 Mobile Phone * I-mate SP5 Smartphone * Nokia 6681 Tri-band Phone * Samsung E530 Mobile Phone Summary: If you are thinking about the convenience of wire-free and hands-free communication and reduced health risks from exposures to harmful electromagnetic radiations from cell phones, Bluetooth Headsets are your best buy.

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