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Customize Software and Web Sites with Icons Made to Order

Does your software have a unique image? That unique style and feel? If not, you are missing the boat! Custom-made is today's theme in this trendy world. Please your customers with a visual eye-candy by attaching a personal image to your software product! What do you need to get a style? Curved| windows and buttons that move and buzz? Not really. A good standard GUI is way more convenient to use, and, unlike those trendy things, will keep your customers happy for years to come. How can you make your product stand out without violating the Guidelines for User Interface Design? Or, in other words, how can you make your product please the eye without those crappy 'skins'?

Professional graphics and stylish icons are the answer. Forget about the mass of bright-painted yet unusable user interfaces.

We're about to discuss real quality icons to make your product look better and more professional instead of doing the opposite.

Developing your own icons is a great way to produce a unique product with a consistent style. By drawing your own images, you are giving your product the necessary personal touch, distinguishing it among thousands of others. But what if you can't draw? Even worse, what if you already called a professional designer in your area only to get shocked by the quote?

Relax. We can design perfect graphics for you.

Aha-Soft specializes in graphic design for software and online services. You can see hundreds of icons designed by our company at, and we are ready to offer the same quality work just for you!

Our prices are low, starting at just $10 for a smallest icon, but don't go higher than $65 for the whole set of images in eight standard sizes and color resolutions from 16x16 and all the way up to 256x256 pixels. We can design you unique icons for toolbars, icons for site navigation, favicons and ready to use logotypes in sizes up to 256x256 pixels.

But what if you need, say, fifty icons for your project? Is it $500 for just the smallest size? Not really! Aha Soft offers you a variety of ready-made icons to choose from at .

You can pick a matching set of several hundred images for under a hundred dollars, and only make one or two custom icons to add that final touch! .

Since SibCode's founding in 2005 and as of 2007, Dmitry Costenco develops web sites. He works for quality web interface, which will help to web surfers.

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