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How Knowledge Base Software can help Online Customer Support

Knowledge base software is used to provide 24/7 online support to customers. Knowledge base software is a FAQ system with more advance features in it. Knowledge base software give you the chance to get statistics on the questions asked by the visitors and how many questions got the answers from the database and how many need to be answered by some customer support representative because they were not in the database of knowledge based system. So, you can edit new questions and answers time to time so that few questions remain unanswered which are very unusual. Knowledge base script even gives you the index of level of satisfaction of the customers by the information provided by Knowledge based system.

Get Feature rich Knowledge Base software at Knowledge base software provide unlimited features like categories browsing, article searching, viewing most popular and most recent articles, and many other options like email an article to a friend, export article to PDF, save or print the article are available in this software.

Knowledge basedsoftware helps to satisfy customers who are first time buyer by getting the quick answers to their questions through this software. It also helps to cut the cost of support staff, because now you don't need to have a staff to respond to the questions by customers quickly. Any technical assistance or customer support can be done with the help of this software because all the customers need assistance on same problems and instead of using your staff to answer the repeatedly asked questions, you may better use of your resource somewhere else on more wanted or more technical place. Get Feature rich Knowledge Base software at Does not matter how much efficient the email system is, customer still feels it on its nerves.

Auto responders, even, cannot serve the purpose because it may or may not contain the relevant answers to the visitor's question. And customers sometimes even don't bother to read a mail sent by auto responder. And even if visitor could not find the answer to his question in the knowledge base, he may send an e mail to the customer support and state of the art software let him do this without revealing his email id to avoid spamming.

Get Feature rich Knowledge Base software at ( is a PHP Powered Knowledge Base Software that allows users to easily create and maintain a FAQ, documentation system, or complete support knowledge base.It features "search engine friendly" URLs, unlimited articles, (sub)categories, file attachments, article comments, ratings, glossary, full-text search, related articles, WYSIWYG editor, and a completely customizable template/style system which is based on Smarty .

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How Knowledge Base Software can help Online Customer Support - Knowledge base software is used to provide 24/7 online support to customers.

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