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Buying a Laptop Checkout These Basic Info

Laptops are small mobile computers that are light and portable enough to fit on your lap. They weigh usually in the range of 4 to10 pounds depending on the materials, size and other factors. When compared to the PC Desktop, the portable laptops are different on the basis of peripherals and weight.

A typical portable laptop computer has a weight of four to five pounds. Some bulkier laptops range in their weights from six to seven pounds as they may have a CDROM/DVDROM or a floppy drive. Laptops operate typically on a single battery and function similar to their desktop counterparts as the basic components of laptops and desktop computers are same. Laptops have liquid crystal (LCD) displays and uses different RAM modules. A portable notebook or laptop is provided with a pointing stick or touch pad and built-in keyboard as an input device.

You can also plug in an external mouse. The power consumption and noise are less compared to a desktop. Unlike desktops, laptops can be run on batteries also. Osborne 1 was the first available portable computer in 1981 for commercial use. This portable computer weighed about 24 pounds and was available at a price of about 1800 dollars. Later IBM launched 'Kaypro' in 2000, which had a LCD display of 25 lines and 80 characters, a removable keyboard and a floppy drive of 3.

5 inches. The following are the different types of laptops. Ultra-Mobile PCs are small in size and portable. Ultra portables have LCD screen of about 12 inches or less, weighing about 3 to 5 pounds.

Thin-and-light Laptops typically weigh about 4 to 6 pounds and have a screen size of 12 to 14 inches. Mainstream Laptops have a screen size of about 14.1 inches to 15.

4 inches and weigh about 5 to 7 pounds. Laptops have proven to be useful in many ways. While on the move, from students to business executives, software professionals and housewives have found laptops to be beneficial. Laptops are available across a wide range of brands, models, sizes, styles and prices. As the innovative laptops have increased in demand, leading notebook manufacturers such as IBM, HP-Compaq, Dell, Acer, Sony and Toshiba are offering sophisticated laptops with innovative features and designs. As the demand for laptops has increased, you should be careful when choosing a laptop.

You can look for reviews on laptops from online sources and the manufacturers also provide the information on the various models available with details of prices, specifications and ratings on their websites. Laptops have to be chosen based on the features such as Portability, Price, Screen size, speed, memory, upgradeability, hard drives, batteries and hardware. You can go for a laptop with a better screen resolution of 1024 x 768 XGA or 1280 x 1024 SXGA. For getting best performance in terms of speed, laptops can be chosen having memory capacities of 128MB, 256MB, 512MB or 1GB of RAM, depending on your use of application. For occasional typing and web surfing, a laptop with a memory of 256 MB RAM is sufficient.

You need to also check for lithium batteries as they offer longer life. Other peripherals such as standard floppy or DVD drives are required. Though laptops are expensive than desktop computers for similar configurations, the price tag is not big when compared to the functions they offer.

The buyers' guides - and - have exhaustive resources for computers, laptops and the other related accessories.

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