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The numerous cell phone reviews are indicative of the seriousness of the battle for top spot among the cell phone heavyhitters. The smart phone has come out a definite frontrunner. Initially a bit pricey, it has recently redeemed itself by falling in step as a cell phone that anyone can purchase. Pocket PCs, Treos and BlackBerrys continue to be the leaders in taking a big bite out of your bank books. While T-Mobile and Cingular Wireless seem to have gotten the consumer message (and as a result, their dollars).

T-Mobile used this years summertime fun to slip in a humdinger and a hybrid. The humdinger was the Pearl. This handset had the unique distinction of being the very first BlackBerry sporting a camera and music features.

The hybrid was a handset called the Dash. They both stepped on stage close to the affordable $200.00 mark.

Although the hybrid has eventually been sacrificed for a measly $150.00. Cingular Wireless have recently paraded before the buying public three handsets that have hovered near the $200.00 mark.

This triple threat is the Nokia E62, the Samsung BlackJack and the Palm Treo 680. Lets take a quick look at these smart phones: Nokia E62 The Nokias interface is chuck full of programming stuff. Possibly to the point of overkill.

It is a good thing that they have a well laid out, user-friendly manual because it was surely needed. Sorry photographers, no camera. I know, that is a bummer. Cameras seem to be standard fare on cell phones nowadays. The handset does feels good in the hand though and the keys are well spaced. It sports a large screen and because of that the E62 comes in a tad bigger than the conventional cell phones of today.

Another noticeable plus is that the email platform can hold its own when compared with the BlackBerrys. A memory slot is included but it does come across the finish line huffing carrying a hefty 5.1 ounces and a chunky waistline just over half-inch thick. All in all not bad.

Definitely a situation of losing ground on the corners and picking it up on the straight, especially with that juicy pricing. Samsung BlackJack The Samsung BlackJack is sleek, fashion-forward and magnetic; yes, it has looks that will draw you. It boasts a captivating screen with full QWERTY keyboard. Decked out with Bluetooth 2.0 and better than average cell phone speaker quality. The BlackJack sports Windows Mobile smart phone capabilities along with Cingular Video and Music services.

Blackjack represents another chink in the Cingular Wireless armor. However, there are some reservations about cramped onboard controls and slow loading. Palm Treo 680 While this stallion is pleasing to the eye, she does carry a noticeable limp. The camera falls down at the first hurdle.

The QWERTY keyboard, narrow and cramped suffers the same fate at the next. And finding herself striped of Wi-Fi, Palms Wi-Fi card and voice dialing she does not even attempt the waterhazard. A bad start indeed! However, being a thoroughbred from the Palm Treo 680 stable of handsets, things quickly begin to turn around. This stallion has a sleek design, can involve Bluetooth in a wireless capacity, and is easy to navigate. She has lots of memory along with outstanding email capabilities.

This workhorse can be roughed up, is very forgiving and coupled with its affordable pricetag is a good buy for a first time cell phone owner. These three nicely priced cell phones will make Cingular Wireless proud. They are strategically positioned for 2007.

With baited breath we eagerly await even better bred phones from the Cingular Wireless stable.

These detail-oriented cell phone reviews have illustrated the skills of the Cingular Wireless research people. These cell phones are sleek, captivating and in fashion. Get one now for 2007. Make your statement with a Cingular. Grab yours here: cell phone reviews.

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