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eBuyHDcom Adds a X True Matrix HDMI a Powered Switch w Remote Controller

With the proliferation of new and exciting HDMI products flooding the market including various options for displaying and hearing the various source devices in a well equipped home theater, a common dilemma has been to find a method of switching between several source components to multiple displays or receivers. While a well designed A/V receiver may possess this type of functionality, they are usually limited in the number of inputs and outputs. Also, the receivers with the greatest number of HDMI in's and out's are generally on the higher end of the product line. This makes a practical solution out of budgetary reach for many Home Theater Enthusiasts. has always strived to bring elegant and simple solution within reach of everyone's budget. Our newest solution provides the ability to switch between up to 4 source devices and independently out to two different destinations with support for HDMI 1.

3a, high bandwidth throughput. is pleased to present our 1.3a spec'd, 4x2 True Matrix Switcher.

As the name states this is a True Matrix switcher meane you can independantly assign any of the 4 inputs to each of the 2 ouputs. The device is 1.3a spec'd meaning it will pass the high output signal needed to enjoy Deep Color video.

Additionally, the device will support new high resolution, multi-channel digital audio formats. The unit also comes with a remote control with direct access input buttons for each out the ouputs. offers high quality, discounted HDMI cables, DVI cables, HDMI Wall Plates,HDMI Switches, LCD, Plasma and Projector TV Wall Mounts and now Component cables! All of our HDMI and DVI cables are HDMI certified, just like the expensive ones. They eliminate the huge markups, and save people thousands each year. is the former

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