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Exploring The Technological Marvel That Is A Ringtone

Most people usually have a solid memory of the first time they ever heard ringtones blaring. Maybe a person was sitting casually by himself on the subway when the sound of the Bonanza theme or the theme from the Magnificent Seven or any number of old TV westerns filled the airwaves out of the blue. Now, it wasn't just the theme song recorded off of the TV soundtrack. No, it was a weird bells and whistles version of the theme song. People turn their heads back and forth wondering where that noise is coming from and see someone pull out a cell phone, open up the receiver and start speaking. Yes, the origin of the ringtones was the telephone itself! Now, when people first hear those cool ring tones, they usually ask themselves two questions.

The first is "Who came up with that idea?" and the second question is "Where can I get some cool ringtones for myself? Yes, ringtones were a very novel invention and whoever first developed the idea probably had an interesting sense of humor and fun attitude. Far too often people will take themselves too serious so something along the line of humorous ringtones installed on a cell phone will usually provide a great deal of levity for any situation. After all, who wants to be serious all the time? Certainly not I said the man with the Flintstones theme song ring tone. The multitude of varieties of ringtones that exist on the market are fairly wide and varied.

A person can select any number of different ringtones and will never hit the proverbial brick wall of choice when it comes to selecting ring tones for the cell. However, it would be wise to have something not so silly for business purposes. A stockbroker whose phone goes "Quack! Quack! Quack!" will probably lose some clients here or there.

Then again, money isn't everything. What is important is not having to listen to the bland, generic cell phone "ring" which is not really a ring at all, but more along the lines of a buzzer. Now if that isn't a somewhat dull sound, then nothing is! If you can spice up the sound your cell phone makes, then by all means, do so! What is best of all when it comes to the subject of ring tones is the fact that they can be provided for a cellphone at no charge.

Yes, that means that there are a number of free ringtones out there for your cell phone pleasure. So, there really is not excuse not to have some cool ring tones on your cell. Do some investigative work and see what ringtones fit your fancy and have them put on your cell asap. Liven up the airwaves when your phone rings!.

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