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In the Market for a Laptop Do Your Homework Before you Buy

If you are looking for a laptop then consider some of the models we have researched below before making a decision.
If you are looking for a laptop that has a 17 inch viewable screen and that is under $1,000 then look no further. The Toshiba Satellite P205-S6237 is here. According to Cisco Cheng of PC Magazine, "it joins the Acer Aspire 9300-5005 as one of the few sub-$1,000 17-inch systems. At 7.

3 pounds, though, the Toshiba is not only lighter than the Acer but also performs better."
Gateway another brand manufacturing laptops has put performance over design however the T-140X, however, signals a change of pace. It is a 14-inch widescreen, with a choice of colors and designs laminated into the lid and palm rests. But to keep the price low, according to Cheng, "Gateway went with weak processing components, hurting performance."
Acer introduces new this month the Aspire 5920G.

According to Carla Thornton of PC World, "it bears Acers Gemstone design, which features a glossy lid, a putty-colored keyoboard, accent curves, and a custom button that looks like a blue-quartz jewel." The laptop which features a subwoofer, "isn`t just pretty," continues Thornton. "It`s a home and office workhorse with a panoply of attractive multimedia features."
Another new rugges laptop is the GoBook MR-1 from Itronix.

With its lightweight design, it is built to withstand rain, snow, wind and many other elements that could be harmful to your machine. It hasa touchscreen that traps ambient light so they can not reflect out and cause glare.
According to Sean Captain of Popular Science, "The Itronix screen employs a new technology called DynaVue to block most of these reflections. It uses the LCD`s polarizing films, plus extra filters to twist the incoming light to an orientation that can`t pass back out of the screen."
Then of course there is always the big guy of the industry, Dell. Dell has done their part in using Intel`s Centrino Duo chipset.

The Dell Laptop that is a highpoint is the XPS M1330, which according to Cheng, "has unseated the Lenovo ThinkPad X60 (Vista) as my Choice for ultraportables." Cheng continues, "it`s the sum total of everything that`s cutting-edge in the ultraportable market today." With its cleek design it includes a 160GB hard drive, DVD burner, webcam, and you can add a media center that fits nicely into the ExpressCard slot.
The M1330 weighs 3.

9 pounds when you include the 4 cell batery, and that it allows it to stay just below the limit of 4 pounds to be considered an ultraportable. Larger batteries are available for the M1330, however the will put it above the 4 pound limit if you are looking for ultra.
In this article I have given a brief review and overview on a variety of latops from various companies.

Being a laptop fan myself, with their ease of use, portability, and the ever growing power they can offer, you may want to look into one of these models, especially if you are student or a traveling business person.
By: Michael C. Podlesny.

About the Author:
Michael C. Podlesny is a freelance writer for is an online resource that allows businesses and individuals to promote their products and services in 20,000 cities in over 200 countries around the world free of charge.

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