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Here are some vital statistics that could give all mobile phone users nightmares. Did you know that according to a survey report in 2006, 1.3 million mobile phones were stolen, 1.6 million mobile phones were lost, 600,000 mobile phones had been accidentally dropped in the toilet, 400,000 mobile phones were dropped in drinks, and 200,000 mobile phones ended their life in a washing machine! Your mobile phone too could fall victim to any of these.

Scared? Well, don't be. You can now keep all your worries at bay as mobile phone insurance providers will take care of your phone and is one of the best with the most cost-effective insurance deals around. The mobile phone is considered by many people to be even more valuable than precious jewelry or cash.

No it is not because people are into using mobile phones that can cost them a fortune but for the priceless information that is stored in these mobile phones and the many useful features they include. This little pocket instrument has an endless list of contact numbers of clients, associates, family and friends. It's got schedules and to do lists, which is a headache to reconstruct and it's not just important information that makes these mobile phones so valuable but these mobile phones also store in some cherished memories in the form of videos and pictures.

This is where mobile phone insurance comes handy. Mobile phone insurance is a great policy that addresses the needs of all the technology savvy people who use their mobile phones for much more than just making and receiving phone calls. Mobile phones are personal items that are carried along everywhere be it to work, to play or when you are out partying. This omnipresent nature of cell phones makes it all the more vulnerable to theft or even damage. But when you have your exquisite and ardent cell phone under the wraps of insurance cover you can put your fears to rest.

These days there are various mobile phone insurance providers that can keep your wonderful phone protected. A mobile phone insurance provider that is known to be simply the best for the kind of policies that it has to offer is 2u. For 8p per day, you can protect your phone against water damage, theft, loss, accidental damage and more. And what's more we even offer a cover against fraudulent calls. And you thought that was all. At 2u your mobile phone insurance comes with free address book backup, free mobile phone tracking, and free battery, free upgrade handset.

You just couldn't have asked for more. So go ahead and get your mobile phone insured right away with 2u by logging on to

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