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Spyware Blaster Facts Uncovered

People are becoming more aware of the problems presented by spyware. This is the reason why people are constantly looking for spyware removal tools on the internet. Most spyware removal tools work by regularly scanning your system and then removing any types of spyware that has been installed during your use. Although this method may seem to be quite effective at first, there will come a time when you will realize that spyware can cause a huge amount of damage during the minutes it takes the scanner to find it. This is the reason why more people are turning to SpywareBlaster. What is the advantage of using SpywareBlaster? They say that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

SpywareBlaster, aside from regularly scanning your system, actually prevents spyware from being installed inside your computer. How does SpywareBlaster do this? Well, most spyware are installed using the program ActiveX. Usually, this program is used to install additional components inside your system in order to optimize your internet surfing. Some programs installed via ActiveX are used to view certain files or media on the internet. Unfortunately, some people see this as an opportunity to introduce various types of spyware into your system. SpywareBlaster is designed to make this installation more secure.

Through SpywareBlaster, you will be able to make sure that only the right programs are installed through ActiveX. This is because SpywareBlaster disables the ability of known offensive ActiveX programs to run in your system. It also limits the activity of ActiveX per se.

This means that there is less chance that you will be infected by spyware anytime soon. Although some people may think that this is enough, there are still other features of SpywareBlaster that makes using it the best thing you can do to protect your system. In order to be truly effective, spyware removal software must have the best information necessary.

This means that it has to be updated regularly about the specifications of different types of spyware. Constant updating is one of the many weapons in SpywareBlaster's arsenal. Another feature that people look for in spyware removal tools is adaptability. Good spyware removal software needs to be usable in any type of system. SpywareBlaster offers this adaptability by securing both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Because of this, people who use either or both browsers are protected.

Another feature of SpywareBlaster is to take "snapshots" or make backups of your system files. This means that if your system is ever invaded by Spyware, you can have the option to recover any lost files and restore your system to the way it was originally. There are also various tools included with SpywareBlaster. Here are five of them: a) Browser pages - this allows you to change the browser pages that you make use of.

It is intended only for advanced users so if you don't know what you're doing, leave it alone. b) Hosts safe - this is used to back up the HOSTS file in order to protect it from hackers. It is highly recommended that you use this tool. c) IE settings - this allows you to tweak the settings of your Internet Explorer. d) Flash Killer - this disables any Flash files from playing on your computer. It is not really recommended that you use this tool because of the fact that most websites today make use of Flash to make your surfing more enjoyable.

You can get these tools and more from SpywareBlaster.

For more information on the best spyware and adware removal software on the internet, please visit

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