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Symptoms Of Spyware Infection

More people today are becoming aware of the menace of spyware. In fact, mopre and more people are going online and searching for free spyware prevention tools. These people believe that a system which is spyware free is definitely something worth working for. Unfortunately, although people are aware of the potential problems caused by spyware, most do not really know how to recognize the early symptoms of spyware infection.

This means that most people today are unable to stop spyware from initially damaging their system. Here are some things you should watch out for in order to ensure that your system is spyware free: 1) Sudden change of home page - Spyware is often designed to redirect your home page to the website of the creator. This is done to accomplish different purposes: a) Advertisement -some companies make use of spyware in order to promote their business. Often, spyware is used to change a user's home page in order to introduce that user to the concept of the creator's business. There are also websites which profit a lot from every "hit" on their website. Spyware is often used to make sure that users do access their site.

By infecting a certain network, they get a lot of people to visit their website. By showing the number of "hits" on their websites, companies would be able to encourage investors and advertisers. b) Malice -some creators of spyware just divert home pages for fun.

Sometimes, the page where users are redirected to may even contain computer viruses. This means that the spyware infection will lead to a virus infection and you could end up having your system destroyed. Whenever you start your browser, make sure that the first webpage you see is the one that you initially set.

One big sign of spyware infection is a sudden change in your home page. 2) Slow typing of passwords - whenever you visit a webpage requiring you for a password, take notice if the appearance of the characters you type seems unusually slow. This could mean that a spyware is taking note of your keystrokes.

It means that the spyware is taking note of personal information. Passwords are not the only information that spyware take note of. Spyware can also record credit card numbers, names, dates and other types of information which could be used to steal your identity. 3) Non-working keys - this also occurs in the case of password prompts.

Whenever you type a password, check if all the keys are working properly. Sometimes, spyware disable keys such as delete and backspace. This is done so that the spyware can track every character that you type in such prompts.

4) Emails related to something you researched about - many people have experienced receiving emails advertising certain products which they did some research about earlier. A situation like this could only mean that spyware is taking note of the sites you visit and is sending that information along with your e-mail address to its parent company. 5) Pop-ups -windows that suddenly appear while you are surfing the web would also indicate spyware infection.

Whenever a pop-up from an unknown website appears during your search for some sort of information, it could only mean that spyware have infected your system and are monitoring your internet activities. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. By watching out for these symptoms of spyware, you would be able to ensure that your system is spyware free.

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