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UnScientific Approach to NTFS Recovery

The New Technology File System (NTFS) was developed by Microsoft to address the numerous security, reliability and extensibility issues of the older File Allocation Table (FAT) file system. The new technology allowed operating systems such as Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista to offer its customers stronger security and reliability as well as support of the larger hard disks and bigger volumes. NTFS Auto Recovery Thanks to the auto-recovery features built into the operating systems that support NTFS, most minor issues with the file system are usually handled on the fly when you reboot your PC. But what if the file system gets seriously damaged? What if you reformat or even repartition your hard drive? While Windows can still repair the volumes and reconstruct NTFS structures, all your data will be lost.

You'll have a perfectly accessible partition on a surely working hard drive that is essentially empty. The Scientific Approach What would you do with all that high-tech stuff? If you're a computer scientist, a C++ developer or at least a certified data recovery technician, you probably know what to do with the corrupted file system structures. But what if you're earning your bread in a different field? Do you have to take a data recovery course and pass the exams to fix up your partitions yourself? The Wrong Way If you don't want your data recovery certificate, you could bring your disk to a certified data recovery specialist in your area.

For some hundred dollars they'll scan your disk, fix the partitions and restore your data. Or you can try to do it yourself with Windows 'checkdisk' first; they'll probably charge you double for fixing the resulting mess. Looks like you're doomed to take the training? The Right Way Don't panic! You can do it yourself without a sweat by just obtaining proper tools. Even if you tried everything Windows has to offer, there are still other tools on the market to help you recover your data - that without the need to take a new training course! NTFS Recovery Wizard can repair damaged NTFS volumes and recover data from the formatted partitions completely automatically. The wizard-based interface makes it extremely simple and easy to repair NTFS partitions and recover files and data even by inexperienced users.

Unlike generic data recovery tools, NTFS Recovery Wizard is designed to handle the NTFS specific issues, providing best possible results. NTFS Recovery Wizard scans the entire hard drive surface instead of analyzing the file system structures alone, assuring that no single bit of information is lost. Repair your NTFS partitions while it's not too late! Download your free copy of NTFS Recovery Wizard from

Data Recovery by NTFS Recovery

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